An ultra-absorbent litter for the comfort of your horses and 100% natural.

Our wood pellets are specially chosen for horse bedding and have a very high absorption capacity (3 to 4 times their volume)

The absorption capacity of PELLETS DU MAROC litter is 75% higher than that of straw. The litter will therefore be soiled less quickly and will make it possible to maintain an excellent sanitary condition and to avoid infections such as crevices or even rotten forks the litter remains clean longer.


Perfectly hygienic and dust-free litter

During production, the temperature reaches 140°C, which allows the PELLETS DU MAROC bedding to be subjected to an effective sterilization process and to eliminate insects and contaminants.
The PELLETS DU MAROC litter is based on over-compressing, no adjuvant is used, the granules are therefore not subject to any particular treatment and do not contain any chemical product. This guarantees you a non-toxic litter because PELLETS DU MAROC, wood pellet litter is 100% natural.

Comfortable and pleasant bedding for your horse

PELLETS DU MAROC improves the comfort of the horse by its pleasant smell and its absorption capacity. Once slightly moistened, the granules take 4 to 5 times their initial volume, creating a homogeneous and pleasant litter. The PELLETS DU MAROC litter thus constitutes a comfortable and insulating mat, allowing the horse not to be on the ground and thus avoid the formation of rotten frogs, linked to damp ground. The quality of PELLETS DU MAROC litter is constant and regular.PELLETS DU MAROC litter is not consumed by the horse, the litter is not palatable.


PELLETS DU MOROCCO provides great ease of storage and handling

The litter stock is very compact, several packagings are proposed (big-bag pallets). The more practical 15 kg bags allow easier placement.
Handling work is optimized thanks to the high absorbency of PELLETS DU MAROC bedding, it forms a light and soft mattress, the box is structured. PELLETS DU MAROC is a so-called “self-agglomerating” litter, the droppings remain localized which facilitates cleaning.
A significant economic gain is achieved in the daily management of the boxes as well as a time saving because it takes less than 5 minutes to clean the box.


Very low manure volume

The volume of PELLETS DU MAROC litter to be evacuated is significantly reduced: less manure to handle, remove and recycle, the cleaning of boxes is quick. Recyclable, biodegradable and compostable. Manure can be used, as it is, as an organic amendment (supply of humus, structuring effect of the soil)