High quality wood pellets

High quality wood pellets 

We produce wood pellets which are used for the heating system, certified in DI N PLUS A1, in the form of small cylinders with a diameter of 6mm and a length of 3.2 to 4cm, As a bioenergy, wood pellets are made from untreated wood residues without bark.

First, the seine goes through a drying phase to lower its moisture content, from about 50% to 8%. These residues are then sorted and compressed to obtain a material that is naturally in the wood and that allows the manufacture of pellets without any additives.

  • The main advantage of wood pellets is that they allow an automatic supply of wood to the stove, so there is no need to add wood every hour..
  • A comfort of use completed by savings and a favourable ecological balance.
  • This is why individuals, communities and condominiums are opting for this energy source,

Good value - The pellets manufactured are highly controlled, with regular product testing carried out at the production site to ensure the highest level of performance and reliability,

When the cost is compared to other fuels, it is easy to see how good quality wood fuels save you money. We continue to maintain the best low cost wood fuel product.